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The year is 2438. Mankind was almost lost in the socio/economic implosions, ecological breakdowns, plagues and ideological conflicts of the 21st century.

Few nations survived the chaos unchanged. Most simply ceased to be. Out of the ruins

>>>words words words<<<

…but has managed to spread to a handful of well curated exo-planets.

“These few core worlds are critical to the continuation of the status quo and are of utmost importance to meet fiscal projections.

Any deviation from growth, progress and most importantly profit is simply unacceptable.

Corrective measures are imperative.

Never mind the countless filthy settlements and unregulated fringe worlds. These too will fall in line. They simply represent the future of growth. Emerging market forces are irresistible.

End of year projections are on target."

Excerpted from GCEX.2429/C General Council Executive Board to Director Colonial Affairs

You are a quantum blip in the tiniest cog of the most obsolete machine. You are a free thinker, a progressive, a homesteader, or simply looking to be free from constant overwatch and control. Everything about you simply won’t do…welcome to the future.

The main story line will be tracked in the Adventure Log. RPing and other discussion will occur purely in the forums.

*For now the stuff that should be in the Wiki are in the forums. Take a gander, it’s pretty old stuff so I will slowly edit and move it around.

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Home Page

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