GCES CSV-303 Perceval Class Surveillance Corvette "Coltrane"

CES CSV-303 Perceval Class Surveillance Corvette “Coltrane”

The Perceval class surveillance corvette is a design 7 years old. At 132 meters in length, 29 meters wide, and 885 tons of displacement it is generous in internal compartment and supply. Capable of trans-atmospheric flight, its power/drive systems are a pair of shielded 2.1 GW Bowman Field Fusion reactors vented to coalescing-particle-shunt nacelles. 4g acceleration is considered standard speed and can maneuver at up to 9gs for very short periods. Normal cruising speed is 5.1C and she can sprint for up to 180 subjective hours at 8C.

Carrying a complement of 41 crew at full roster it also has berths and bays for a detachment of 16 Colonial Marines due to the sensitive nature of the ship itself. Enough life support and consumables for 500 days at full crew compliment is kept in stores. There are also billets for a mission package crew of up to 8, typically intelligence analysts. This space is normally reserved for off duty crew when not in use.

The Coltrane is unusual for it’s class in that it has a short range engineering service craft as well as a long range trans-atmospheric shuttle. It also has 8 single use escape “pods” each of which can accept 6 passengers.

It’s primary role is providing SigInt as mobile clandestine listening post. Three advanced signal bays integrating pan-spectrum EM transceivers, particle counters and bowman field sensors can sniff out just about any form of radiation, transmission or electronic emission. This role is further supported by stealth features intrinsic to the hull, electronic and power systems allowing the Perceval class to approach and loiter undetected.

The Perceval class is also a specialized E/C-War (Electronic/Cybernetic War) platform and has 3 QuEnt (Quantum Entanglement) arrays with dedicated LLI cores slaved to each. These can tag targets without the generation of EM transmissions, then prosecute E/C-War on that target. Without Line of Sight. Its maximum range is classified.

Relying on stealth as defense, it has light armor typical of any support role military craft. Its traditional armament is limited to 3 light torpedo bays and a single point defense missile cluster. The LLI cores have specialized code packages which allow them to engage in “Wild Weasel” ECM/ECCM misdirection protocol and prosecute direct attacks on electronic systems within range of the QuEnt arrays. Its exact capabilities are highly classified.

Unlike most ships of the line in the GCES: Navy the Perceval class is a gleaming cathedral dedicated to the worship of cutting edge technology. Replacing the stark vacuum/pressure injected concrete and alloy-framed superstructure of any typical combat vessel the Perceval class is polarized molecular “uni-foamed” quantum-well sheathed abferroceramalloy polished perfection.

The Coltrane feels born, not built.

She was of the first to roll off the line in her class, hence the 03 designation. Fusion reactor issues related to faulty shielding caused serious damage during her shakedown cruise. Repairs required over a year in drydock and gamma decontamination. She was never re-certified for combat duty. However she is a well loved boat by both training and permanent crews despite its history.

The Coltrane, as a non-combative training ship, has no Marine detachment and the weapons magazines are stocked only to civil patrol levels.

Her current training mission has been highly successful. The crew though tired, is highly spirited and ready for a long break before receiving their active duty postings.

GCES CSV-303 Perceval Class Surveillance Corvette "Coltrane"

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